Artificial intelligence make millions of technical people job less

Future of information techology is based on artificial intelligence.Nowadays one of main draw back of system/machine is its difficult to use its one intelligence based on condition , that is creating millions jobs in this section,in all machine/system related works expert need to control the system, artificial intelligence going to change this system with 3-8 years .Aritifical intelligence is simply intelligent exhibited by machines ,that is machines will get same intelligence has humans, so machines will decide based on that is going to effect millions of people working in this areas.AI has become history ,but now the growth of development in this section in rapid almost all big companies has their own R&D deperment for AI.Big company almost started their on testing version in this section , self driving car is based on AI.This system become live menas no need of cab drivers .Like this it is going to implement in big factories and all replace human with machines.This is going to effect millions of employees.

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