Basic Trigonometric Formulas

based on right-angled triangle their 6 ratios in Trigonometry, this are basically called Trigonometric functions .The six trigonometric functions are sine, cosine, secant, co-secant, tangent and co-tangent.The value of each function can be find out using below trigonometric formulas

Here are the definition of each of this trigonometric formulas

trigonometric formulas

sin θ = opposite Side/hypotenuse where θ is the angle cos θ = adjacent Side/hypotenuse where θ is the angle tan θ = opposite Side/adjacent Side where θ is the angle sec θ = hypotenuse/adjacent Side where θ is the angle cosec θ = hypotenuse/opposite Side where θ is the angle cot θ = adjacent Side/opposite Side where θ is the angle

As per the above table definition we can relate each of the formula in below ways

cosec θ = 1/sin θ    hint :  1/opposite Side/hypotenuse  = hypotenuse/opposite

sec θ = 1/cos θ      hint :  1/adjacent Side/hypotenuse   = hypotenuse/adjacent Side

cot θ = 1/tan θ      hint :  1/opposite Side/adjacent   = adjacent Side/opposite Side

sin θ = 1/cosec θ    hint :  1/hypotenuse/opposite Side   = opposite Side/hypotenuse

cos θ = 1/sec θ      hint :  1/hypotenuse/adjacent Side   =adjacent Side/hypotenuse 

tan θ = 1/cot θ      hint :  1/adjacent Side/opposite Side   = opposite Side/adjacent Side 

we can find each of the six trigonometric functions values using above trigonometric formulas

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