how to display special characters in php mysql


if special characters are not displaying in php .if it is showing like “?” use below steps

1)Add below meta tag in between <head></head> section                         <meta charset=”utf-8” />

2) Use htmlentities function to display mysql query result


echo $value;


Is it possible priority of search in mysql Full text search

yes, it is possible priority of search in mysql  Full text search.we can define priority of search by adding + and – before search phrase in boolean mode

+ means include that word

– means Excluding  that word

For E.g  SELECT * FROM product_table WHERE MATCH (column1, column2) AGAINST (‘”+mobile -charger”‘ IN BOOLEAN MODE);

it will only search for only mobiles in db , if it find  “mobile charger ” it will skip that row.This way we can add priority of search in Full text search of MySQL.