how to define a function in python

As per the latest trends set python is the most exploring programming language,expert says in the middle of 21st century 70% of the day life application will be depend on python programming language, python and artificial intelligence definitely will brings miracle in the middle of 21st century.So being a programmer without python programming language you cant survive in 21st century.Like other programming language function in python is also so basically our question is how to define a function in python.To define a function in python programming language, python has its on syntax. lets see the syntax

   return [EXPRESSION]

def            => Function blocks begin with this keyword def 
FUNCTION-NAME  => Name of the function you can define your own name

PARAMETER      => It the Parameter passing to the function when function was called

FUNCTION_BLOCK => Function code block

EXPRESSION     =>  return [EXPRESSION] passing back an expression to the caller

See example

def sum(a,b):
 resultvalue = a+b
 return resultvalue

x =10
y = 40
x =60
y = 40

how to define a function in python

def printPrime(lower,upper):
 print( "prime numbers between "+str(lower)+ ", "+str(upper))
 for num in range(lower,upper + 1):
    if num > 1:
       for i in range(2,num):
           if (num % i) == 0:

x =10
y = 20
x =1180
y = 1200

how to define a prime number display function in python

python print function syntax

Most of the beginners in python always confuse with print function and start searching for print function in google.Like other programming language python print out put function also easy. In this tutorial we are going to explore python print ,the way to print the out put in python. print() is the function used in python to print out put.

Let see example

python print syntax

print(object(s), separator=separator, end=end, file=file, flush=flush)

object = any object, it will convert in to string and print

sep=’separator’ = Optional default ‘ ‘

end=’end’ = Default is line feed, will tell what print at the end

file = Default is sys.stdout , object with a write method.

1) python print a string “Hello World”

print("Hello World")

Hello World

2) python print a variable numberstart =10

numberstart =10


3) python print : managing tuble

tupleA = (2, 4, 8, 12) 
tupleB = ('red', 'blue')  
print(tupleA + tupleB ) 


(2, 4, 8, 12, 'red', 'blue')

python print function