Virtual shopping , a new Generation way of shopping

One of the main issues in shopping is difficult find out the best fit for your style,For that in Normal case you have to go to trial room more than 4 or 5 times and check out the best fit for you.This will make you lot of time waste on shopping.Here the new technology that is going to surprise you .It the virtual way of selected your fit product.It is already started in Singapore.Here in this video you can watch that and give you exact picture of Virtual shopping.Instead of trial room you a small screen,by using this screen,you can find out your suit one within seconds.

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Apple iPhone 7 , a smart phone launched completely for Indians

Apple has officially launched its new iPhone series yesterday, called iPhone 7,follows iPhone 6 in its style. The Apple iPhone 7 is launched completely for Indians. Latest report shows Apple iPhone growth is going down, this is because of they are focused only in america and Europe.This time they expected good result in Indian, since still 60% Indians don’t have smartphone.They can expect only 2 or 4% from american and all.

Apple is completely focusing on Indian and China market, They know their is huge market in these countries.This time they are coming with iPhone 7 to fulfill their aim. iPhone 7 starting price is $649 in the US so 60000 Indian rupees in India. Apple iPhone 7 now comes with upgraded storage of 32GB storage in the base model and drops 64GB in favour of 128GB and 256GB.


One of the main incident happens at the time Apple iPhone 7 launch, that make Indians proud,Yesterday when Apple iPhone 7 is launching time Tim Cook, CEO of Apple asked to stand up to Engineers,those who are behind Apple iPhone 7.Happy to say their are more from Indians to stand.Those way also it is important for Indians.

Apple is giving good advertising in Indian for their Latest model Apple iPhone 7. They are planing to release in Indian in October first week.Because this is the time of Diwali,One of the great festival of light celebrating all over the India. According last year survey this time many are going for online shopping, people have shopping mania on this time.Many of online shopping site Like Amazon , Flipkart , Snap deal etc giving big offers on this time.That is why apple choose this time ,to sell maximum as they can.

This year Apple CEO Tim Cook visited Indian, This is his maiden visit to India,this only show their interested in Indian market.One of other reason is population in India are huge compared to other countries .He meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed possibilities of manufacturing in India.This all shows Apple iPhone 7 ,a phone launched completely for Indian market.

timcook meet pm modi
When Tim Cook meet  Prime Minister Narendra Modi