how can I create my own blog?

Creating your own blog is easy as making instant noodles,like maggi packet everything is available in one packet that is called CMS(content management system),by using any of the content management system you can start your own blog in couple of of the most famous CMS is WordPress,millions of blogs are already developed using this simple system. Here am going to discuss with how to develop your own blog with WordPress

see steps

1) Buy your own domain name and hosting space from any of the hosting service provider like go daddy,dont forget to compare the pricing


2) Download WordPress from the site

3) upload downloaded WordPress archive to the hosting space,that you bought from any of the hosting provider .every hosting provider will give cpanel can use those credential to upload file to root folder

create my own blog

4) Unzip uploaded WordPress files and move the files into root folder

5) Using cpanel GO to MySQL database area

go to phpmyadmin

6) create a new MySQL database name and username


MySQL databse

7) Open any browser type

8) fill database info and user info

9) create admin username and password move forward

10) Now visit your own website is live now

cheer 🙂

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