Salary hike percentage calculator

This is the salary hike percentage calculator you can calculate new salary by typing the current salary and the hike percentage.

Here is the demo of Salary hike percentage calculator

salary hike percentage calculator

salary hike percentage calculation formula

Salary hike percentage can be calculated by dividing the current Salary by 100 and multiply by hike percentage value, and then add the result by current Salary. The formula used to calculate percentage is (Current Salary * Percentage / 100 )+ Current Salary

Suppose current salary of an employee is 25000 and he got a hike percentage of 12. so in this case our formula to calculates the Salary hike percentage of that particular employee is (25000 * 12 /100) + 25000 So it become (250 * 12) + 25000 That is 3000 + 25000 so the result of hike percentage amount is 3000 Total salary after hike is equal to 25000