List of best movies for learning English

In this pandemic situation a good percentage of people are stuck at home and they have little more free time , so most of them are thinking of how to utilize their free time to learn something good. so some of them may decided to improve their English skill , if approach your mentor with this intention their first suggestion is to watch English movies. Here we are trying to find out the List of best movies for the purpose of learning English.Their lot of English action movies but they don’t have much English conversation our person suggestion is don’t go behind those movies instead of watch family, dramatic or cartoon movies.if you are average in English cartoon movies are the best choice.Here we are going to discuss List of best movies for learning English one by one.

1) Intern

List of best movies for learning English 1

The Intern is a American comedy film directed by Nancy Meyers , It is a story about an old man who is at the end of Mature Adulthood and becomes a senior intern at a online cloth selling company.The company assigned Ben Whittaker to work with Jules skeptical CEO of the company. whether his experience help him to wins over the young team.

2) The King’s Speech

3) Zootopia

4) Forrest Gump

List of best movies for learning English 1

Forrest Gump is an epic romantic comedy-drama starring Tom Hanks directed by Robert Zemeckis ,this movie plot is based on the Winston Groom novel Forrest Gump. This movie start from a on bus stop where Forrest Gump (Hunk) recounts his life story to strangers who sit next to him.

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