How to find the rank of a website

Every website owner and the internet user has the desire to know about the rank of a website.But it is difficult for a third party to analysis full traffic of a website and based on that ranking a website. Fortunately we have lot of website traffic estimation services that is producing better result.It will be helpful for competitive analysis for website owner, finding fraud for internet user, analysis research for SEO team and for designing better marketing criteria for marketing team.

How to find the rank of a website for this we have lot of website,here i am listing only few of them

1) Alexa :- This is the number one site to find the rank of a website and this is most popular also.Almost all are using alexa-com for website anylysis, it will produce almost all details about a website .


see the below image checking the rank of google.


2) Similarweb :-  This is another site for finding the rank of a is also displaying the detailed traffic report for the list of country based on the traffic .


see example of google in similarweb





You Tube Go, a new app from google for videos sharing and Offline video

Today in the event ‘Google For India’  held in New Delhi, Google announced “You Tube Go” ,a brand new app to enjoy and share videos.Built for the next generation of users to enjoy the power of YouTube. Maximize your fun without burning up your data.This app can use for videos sharing and Offline videos.It is created primarily for India.YouTube product management VP Johanna Wright says in a statement. “YouTube Go was designed and built from the ground up with insights from India, in order to bring the power of video to mobile users in a way that is more conscious of their data and connectivity, while still being locally relevant and social.”

Here is the official site link of You Tube Go

here they are saying “This app is coming soon!”, but not mentioned exact live release date.They said it will produce better result in 2G speed also.




Google offline, a better way to save your mobile data

In today’s world smartphone with out internet has no value. Still in some villages internet are just a word related to computer.Google and Facebook knew these and they started lot of project to make sure that each and every single human being is inside the internet zone.But still they are far away from their aim.we know that google maps and YouTube videos are the main application that are using almost every internet users. SO automatically question will come how google map and YouTube videos will be available in non internet area and without internet data.

Here google announced Google offline, a better way to save your data.By using this technique you can save google maps and you tube videos in your mobile device, after saving you can use the same without internet.

How to use  google maps or Google offline without internet

Download an area to use offline

Note: You can store your offline areas on your device or an SD card.

1) On your phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app Google Maps.

2) Make sure you’re connected to the Internet and signed in to Google Maps.

3) Search for a place, like San Francisco.

4) At the bottom, tap the name or address of the place. If you search for a place like a restaurant, tap More More.

5) Select Download .

Use offline areas

After you download an area, use the Google Maps app just like you normally would.Without any internet you can use your map.

How to add You tube videos to Offline

you can add certain videos from the YouTube mobile app to watch offline, for up to 48 hours.

To add videos to offline, tap the Add to Offline icon below the video, or select Add to Offline from a video’s context menu . An Available Offline icon will appear below the video once it has been added to offline.

If your device loses connectivity as you’re adding a video or playlist to Offline, your progress will resume automatically when you reconnect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.


View and remove videos added to Offline

To access videos or playlists that have been added to Offline, tap on Offline in the Account  tab of the YouTube mobile app.

You can remove videos you’ve added to offline in two ways. You can remove individual video from offline by tapping the Available Offline icon below the video and selecting Remove. You can view and delete all of the videos you have added to offline with the following steps:

1) Go to the Account  tab of the YouTube mobile app.

2) Tap Offline.

3) Tap next to the video you’d like to remove.

4) Select Remove from offline.