How to apply array_slice in PHP object array

Here my requirement is to fetch first five items from an Object if it is a normal array means i can fetch the first nth item from the php array using the PHP build in function array_slice() for example we have an array like below
let we check how to get first element of array in using array_slice()
after we will discuss how to apply array_slice in PHP object array

$myarray=array("Mangoes","Jack Fruits","coconuts","Bananas","Apple","Orange");



Array ( [0] => Mangoes [1] => Jack Fruits)

In the given example fetching first 2 values from the array using build in function array_slice();

Now my issues is here my array is not normal array it is an object array so i can’t use directly array_slice()

First i have to convert Object array to normal array and i can i apply the code see example below



it will return an array with first five value of $OBJ_array