Places to visit near by Bangalore within 60 km

Here is the Places to visit near by Bangalore within 60 km

1) Shivagange Hill


Shivagange is a devotional center located  Tumakuru road, around 50km from Bengaluru  ,the beautiful mountain is shaped as a shivalinga and a spring flows near locally called “Ganga”, so the mountain  automatically named Shivagange .Shivagange is the one of the nice Places to visit near by Bangalore within 60 km

Shivagange is having various temples such as Sri Honnammadevi Temple, Gangadhareshwara temple, Olakal Teertha, Nandi Statue, PatalagangeSri Honnammadevi Temple is inside the cave. Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple is also inside the cave.

Inside the cave temple their is small water cave devotes believe that if they are able take water from cave ,within small period of time lucky things happens in their life.

2) Nandi Hills

Nandi hills , the most popular bike ride  hill stations in Bangalore city,it is around 45km from Garden city. if you wana experience morning bike bangalore,no question set your GPS end to Nandi hills.Nobody can’t expalin the beauty of the stunning Sunrise above the clouds in the early morning.The morning breeze definitely touch every cell of your body.Nandi Hillsis the one of the nice Places to visit near by Bangalore within 60 km

Nandi hills

3) Kotilingeshwara Temple

Kotilingeshwara Temple, one of the famous spiritual Places to visit near by Bangalore within 60 km,the name itself says Kotilingeshwara means,their are around 1 crore Shiva Linga are present their,Kotilingeshwara is situated in Kammasandra village in Kolar district,Kolar also famous for gold mining from KGF,Kolar Gold factorynyou will get direct public transport towards Kotilingeshwara Temple.

Kotilingeshwara Temple




How to add a display Title before the Enter title here field wordpress admin post

To add display Title before title field in wordpress admin post

1) Open your theme functions page
add below code

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To add display Title before Content Editor field in wordpress admin post

add below code

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Mysql PDO syntax to Select Data from mysql database

$dbname = DB_NAME; // your database name
$servername = DB_HOST ; // your host name
$username = DB_USER ; // your user name
$password = DB_PASSWORD ;
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