One word a small collection

Renounce a throne or high office  : Abdicate

Do away with :Abolish

One associated with another especially in wrong-doing : accomplice

Science of production , transmission,reception and effects of sound : Acoustics

An athlete who performs acts of requiring skill and agility and coordination : Acrobat

The period of life from puberty to maturity : Adolescence

One who calculates insurance and annuity premium etc : Actuary

Unprovoked attack of one country or person by another : Aggression

General pardon : Amnesty

A building where animals are killed for meat : abattoir

A part of river out of the main stream , where the water does not move : Backwater

An uncivilized person : Barbarian

A metal flame on which meat etc, is cooked over an open fire : Barbecue

A small group of people who make secret plans for political action : Cabel

One who does things too quickly, with out thinking : Hothead

A forceful attacking speech used for blaming someone : Invective

A small hut for a dog : Kennel

One who is not accepted by society : Pariah

The part between neck and the abdomen : Thorax

one who is disloyal to one’s country : Traitor

The condition in which one can see only straight ahead : Tunnel Vision