WhatsApp forward Message Wp20.ru link, is it trustworthy to click ?

No of course not , Last week onward wp20.ru link message are circulating on WhatsApp. You might get this message from friends / family circle, please don’t click it it is a virus link.It install automatically virus to you browser.unfortunately any of your trusted fried shared that Wp20.ru and you already opened that website please clear cache & cookies .if you dont know how to do that please follow this link https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&oco=1 and don’t forgot to restart your system after clearing cache & cookies

Almost all different antivirus vendors listed this link as Malware/Phishing/ Suspicious link. So stay away from this link, If you see a link starting with wp20.ru don’t click it..

WhatsApp forward Message Wp20.ru link

invalid onion site address the provided onion site address is invalid. please check that you entered it correctly. details: 0xf6 — the provided .onion address is invalid. this error is returned due to one of the following reasons: the address checksum doesn’t match, the ed25519 public key is invalid, or the encoding is invalid.