List of best movies for learning English

In this pandemic situation a good percentage of people are stuck at home and they have little more free time , so most of them are thinking of how to utilize their free time to learn something good. so some of them may decided to improve their English skill , if approach your mentor with this intention their first suggestion is to watch English movies. Here we are trying to find out the List of best movies for the purpose of learning English.Their lot of English action movies but they don’t have much English conversation our person suggestion is don’t go behind those movies instead of watch family, dramatic or cartoon movies.if you are average in English cartoon movies are the best choice.Here we are going to discuss List of best movies for learning English one by one.

1) Intern

List of best movies for learning English 1

The Intern is a American comedy film directed by Nancy Meyers , It is a story about an old man who is at the end of Mature Adulthood and becomes a senior intern at a online cloth selling company.The company assigned Ben Whittaker to work with Jules skeptical CEO of the company. whether his experience help him to wins over the young team.

2) The King’s Speech

3) Zootopia

4) Forrest Gump

List of best movies for learning English 1

Forrest Gump is an epic romantic comedy-drama starring Tom Hanks directed by Robert Zemeckis ,this movie plot is based on the Winston Groom novel Forrest Gump. This movie start from a on bus stop where Forrest Gump (Hunk) recounts his life story to strangers who sit next to him.

Must watch English Travel Movies List

Here am exploring Must watch English Travel Movies List,following the list of movies you should watch before you die.

1) Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is the one of the best travel movie, Elizabeth Gilbert’s embarks on a journey Through Italy , India and Bali in Indonesia an attempt to rediscover her true self.This movie is based on American author Elizabeth Gilbert book Eat Pray Love , The book remained on The New York Times Best Seller list for 187 weeks.It took three country Italy , India and Indonesia accordingly Eat ,Pray and Love.In Italy she tried and enjoyed all the food,In India she is trying to find out peach of mind through meditation,and lastly in Bali (Indonesia) she is enjoying the love.

Must watch English Movies List

2) Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a biographical adventure drama film written by Sean Penn.The script written based on the “Into the Wild” written by Jon Krakauer.McCandless hero in the movie travels into the wilderness and sets up a campsite in an abandoned city bus. At first, McCandless is content with the isolation, the beauty of nature around him, and the thrill of living off the land.

Into the Wild

3) The Beach

The Beach is a adventure film by Danny Boyle and based on Alex Garlan Novel “The Beach”.Leonardo DiCaprio play Lead role in this movie ,a young seeking adventure in Bangkok, he came to know about uninhabited and restricted island in the Gulf of Thailand with a beautiful hidden beach and lagoon.
The Beach

4) Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise is a romantic film directed by Richard Linklater, it explore the romatic love story of Jesse meets and Céline They meet on a train from Budapest.They both roam around in Vienna.After visiting a few landmarks in Vienna, they share a kiss at the top of the Wiener Riesenrad at sunset and start to feel a romantic connection.
Before Sunrise

Prithviraj Sukumaran will say action to Mohanlal, in his debut film Lucifer

Today leading Malayalam actor Prithviraj Sukumaran , given special onam gift to malayalm film Industry by his Facebook post.He posted ,He will make his maiden directorial debut with starring superstar Mohanlal.The film name is “Lucifer”.

lucifier prithviraj mohanlal muraligopy

The film is producing under the banner of  Aashirvad Cinemas by Antony Perumbavoor. The versatile film actor  Murali Gopy will do the screenplay for the  this film “Lucifer”.

‘Lucifer’ was planned  by late director Rajesh Pillai and Murali Gopy,For Some time issue they postponed that project.This will going to reborn under the banner of Aashirvad Cinemas.

This Onam is big success for both Mohanlal and Prithviraj, for Mohanlal  it is Oppam , for Prithviraj it is ‘Oozham’. ‘Lucifer’ is going to be bigger hit for both of them.

The complete actor Mohanlal confirmed the news by sharing in Facebook wall

“Here I have a big news for my million splendid audience about my upcoming project. A big budget movie from Antony Perumbavoor under the banner of Aashirvad Cinemas, which sees collaboration of two icons of Malayalam film industry behind the camera for the first time, who are also distinguished for their uniqueness … Prithviraj son of my dearest Sukumarettan doing his directorial debut and Murali Gopy son of our Gopiettan penning story and script … And the movie’s name is ‘LUCIFER’.”

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