How to access phpMyAdmin directly without redirecting to cPanel

most of the case we need to share our phpMyAdmin database with others,since our cpanel contains lot of other personal files and info ,we can’t share the cpanel login info with them .Here am going to share how to shre your phpMyAdmin link with out sharing cpanel info

we know that our cpanel access link is


we know that our WHM access link is


SO here is the phpMyAdmin link without using cpanellogin


phpMyAdmin directly without redirecting cPanel

How To Install Free cPanel in Linux Centos ?

Unfortunately cpanel is not a free software it is asking around Cost of 15 USD per month.But we have lot of similar software doing exactly the same functionality,out of that Zpanel is free and most popular.In this article am elaborate how to intall Zpanel in your system

1)  Clean OS (This installer is designed to install and configure ZPanel on a clean OS installation only!) 

#rm -rf *

2) Reboot your OS

3 ) Download the install files from Github

# wget

4)  Change the permissions

#chmod +x
5)  Run the installer


Location of php.ini file in plesk server

Location of php.ini file in plesk server is inside etc folder. you can login using your details (provided by hosting provider) in to ssh login prompt after you can type below commant to edit your file.

# vim /etc/php.ini

you can type “i” key to make this file editale, you can use “esc” command to escape from editable mode .To save you can use “wq:”.

you can always use phpinfo(); to check the exact location of php in server.

create a php file e.g info.php with below conntent

echo phpinfo();

save this and upload in your root folder

check “” it will show you exact location of “php.ini ” files.Also it will show all the details about your php version.