python get environment variable example code

An environment variable is simply a variable its values defined outside the application in this section we are going to explore how to get value of environment variable in python .so first we have to check how to set environment variable in python after that how to get that environment variable value.”print(os.environ)” is used to print all the value of all environment variable.

To work with environment variables in Python is the same like working with dictionaries. first you need to import the os module.

import os

/* To get the value of all environment variable value in python */




/* To set the environment variable value by name in python */

# To Set environment variables in python

os.environ['EMAIL'] = '[email protected]' 

os.environ['USER_ID'] = '4568'

/* To get the environment variable value by name in python */


# To get environment variables in python

import os
USER_EMAIL = os.environ.get('EMAIL') 
USER_ID = os.environ.get('USER_ID') 

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