How to push files to bitbucket from my windows system?

To upload files to bitbucket from your windows system ,first you need to install git and after have to clone repository to local device with clone git command ,it automatically create folder for you with all your server files.update changes and push your data .Here will discuss each steps

Lets see the steps

1) Download git for windows from

2) Install Git

3) Open cmd and try git status


Git bitbucket from my windows system

4) move cmd directory to your project folder using #cd D:\newprojetc

5) Clone your bitbucket respository using below command

# git clone https://[email protected]/PROJECTNAME/RESPOSITORYNAME.git
auto create all your bitbucket files to your system newprojetc folder

6) update the files you needed and and commit using

#git git add .
#git commit -m “initial commit”

7) upload files using Push command

#gift push https://[email protected]/PROJECTNAME/RESPOSITORYNAME.git

uploaded files to bitbucket from yoursystem

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